Brunch, the Restaurant Rock Musical We Ordered

Anthony Bourdain tried to ruin brunch for us in Kitchen Confidential by revealing how much it was loathed by the staff and scoffed at by chefs. But still, New Yorkers persevere and salve their hangovers with eggs Benedict and watery Bloody Marys nearly every weekend. That might all change with Brunch the Musical. (Yes!) Plot description and sample lyrics are after the jump.

BRUNCH is a new rock musical about the New York City restaurant scene from the eyes of those who do the serving. It's about the daily grind, specials, romances, firings, tips and VIPs that inhabit every restaurant, bistro, café and diner in the city. BRUNCH follows a cast of characters -- waiters, bartenders and managers — through the most hectic shift of the week, from the first cup of coffee to the last reservation at the tension-filled, comically riotous, patience-trying shift at the end of the restaurant week — Brunch!

We checked out some of the songs, too, which cover many front-of-the-house archetypes:

Disgruntled Waiter Who Constantly Threatens to Quit: “I’m out. I quit. Sick of all this shit. … I’m gone, I’m done. This job stopped being fun.”
Demanding Customer: “I work all week. There's no way that some snotty brat’s going to ruin my Sunday. ... Waiting for Service. Guess the cold coffee should have been my warning.”
Harried Manager: “Don’t freak out for a couple tables. … Remember it’s over in a couple of hours. It’s just brunch.”

Brunch! The Musical [Official site]

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