Browse 129 Snowboarding and Skiing Items for Your Next Mountain Getaway

From left, Gretchen Bleiler Mane Jacket by Oakley, Movement Gloves by Rome, Slub Jacket by Burton, Ally Hat by Dakine, Vagrant Jacket by Rome, Clana Jacket by Rossignol.

Last night's snow means it's mountain season! Even if you're not into snowboarding or skiing, you probably know someone who dedicates their entire winter to the sport and who is always trying to convince you that you'll love it if you just try it. So why not give it a whirl? We shopped for all the best ski and snowboard gear for our latest Shop-A-Matic, for those of you spearheading the day trip to Mountain Creek, Hunter Mountain, or Camelback (or perhaps a weekend away to Killington?). Browse through 129 items, from boots to bindings to jackets to keep you warm, even if you're just hanging at the bar, chatting up some cute guys. Remember, just because you fall flat on your ass carving turns doesn't mean you can't look good doing it. Check out our six picks after the jump.

Gretchen Bleiler Mane Jacket by Oakley
Price: $280
Why we like it: The faux-fur lining on this subtle paisley-printed jacket will keep you warm on cold days at the summit.

Movement Gloves by Rome
Price: $40
Why we like it: No need to take these gloves off to adjust bindings or clothing — they're super flexible.

Slub Jacket by Burton
Price: $250
Why we like it: The pixelated print pops off this men’s jacket, making it a bold look with a slouchy and confident vibe. This is for the boys dominating the terrain park, that's for sure.

Ally Hat by Dakine
Price: $20
Why we like it: Perfect for tucking into your helmet for extra head warmth (and a good cover-up to hide helmet hair when you take it off).

Vagrant Jacket by Rome
Price: $260
Why we like it: The green-on-green print is a bit more subtle and relaxed, but it's still fun.

Clana Jacket by Rossignol
Price: $180
Why we like it: A great alternative to the plain jackets most people wear, the print is feminine and fun without looking juvenile.

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