Britney's New Candie's Ads Are Out and (Gasp) Photoshopped

Britney Spears's new ads for Candie's are out, and the Daily Mail has come to the astute realization that she's been retouched. Stop the presses. The paper notes, "Her incredibly thin and flawless physique is a rather stark contrast to the fuller figure she put on show during her Circus tour in Newark, New Jersey, in March. As she made an entrance on a swing ... her slouched pose didn't do her once famously toned stomach any favours." So they've at once scolded Candie's for Photoshopping her and scolded Britney (perhaps more so) for supposedly needing it. We only wish Candie's felt she could have sold shoes without whittling her down to a twig. [Daily Mail]

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