Britney Spear to Launch Seventh Fragrance; How to Get ‘Mad Men' Hair

It's official: she's glowing!
Photo: Courtesy of Britney Spears Fragrances

• If "Womanizer" didn't convince you that Britney is so back, her new fab ad for her seventh fragrance Hidden Fantasy will. The cherry-and-vanilla scent launches in January. [Glam Boulevard]

• Lindsay Lohan has Rapunzel's hair! Forget leggings, someone offer this girl shampoo-endorsement deal pronto. [Jezebel]

• On Oprah, Céline Dion said she is hell-bent on letting her son René cut his hair when he feels he's good and ready. He's 7, and it's halfway down his back without one measly snip. [Jezebel]

• Going as Don Draper from Mad Men for Halloween? Here are the five products you need for his signature waxy hair. [Moment/NYT]

• Makeup artist Dick Page created a new line of rouge lipsticks and lip pencils for Shiseido, launching in Japan on January 1 and then globally. Australian model Christina Carey stars in the campaign. [Face Candy]

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