Breaking: Mayor Bloomberg Reveals Source of ‘Maple Syrup Events'

Mayor Mike Bloomberg is currently holding a press conference in which he has finally revealed the “mystery of the maple syrup mist,” as he called it. “It wasn’t akin to searching for a needle in a haystack, but let’s say a smell in a very large area,” he said, describing how a task force involving the Health Department, the Department of Environmental Protection, the mayor's office, and “air inspectors” was dispatched last Thursday night when the latest “maple syrup event” occurred. Turns out it came from a North Bergen, New Jersey, plant called Fruitarom that was manufacturing a food fragrance using a certain type of seed. The odor spreads when the wind is blowing at the right speed, in the right direction, and humidity is high with no rain. It’s harmless, and not illegal. Said Bloomberg, “It just happens to be one of the aromas we’re going to have to live with.” Also, in case you’re curious, Bloomberg says he likes “maple sugar syrup” on his French toast.

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