Boudicca Trades Couture Fashion Show for Website Presentation

A look from the Boudicca Couture 2008 show.

We furrowed our brows when we didn't see Boudicca on the schedule for the upcoming couture shows in Paris. Not another missing show! But now we know why they're M.I.A.: Designers Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby are launching a website during the dates of the couture shows (January 26 through January 29) that will focus on the progression of making the clothes. "When they were invited to show at couture, they realized what they love is the process — the process is as important as the show itself," the spokesperson told us. "So this time around they decided that they would explore that. It loosens the boundaries a little bit, because they're much more about dialogue." The site will feature everything about the development of couture in a digitally visual way, through music, art, collages, and essays. Hey, if Viktor & Rolf can go online-only, then why not everyone else? Okay, just not Marc. Or Dior. Or Karl ... never mind.

Boudicca Changes The Course Of Couture [JC Report]

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