Botox Can Lead to Depression; Mary-Kate Olsen Ditches Boho Chic

Mary-Kate Olsen.

• Too much Botox can lead to depression, according to researchers in Holland. "Research shows that paralysing muscles that help you to express emotion leads to internalising these feelings." We're expressing sadness over this, you just can't see it. [Jezebel]

• At the Metropolitan Opera’s 125th Anniversary Gala last night, Mary-Kate Olsen mixed some forties and eighties inspiration for her look: Bright red lip, red nails, wavy hair, and a peach smoky eye. Nice and different, but let's hope the bohemian look we love her for isn't gone forever. [Beauty Counter/]

• Katie Holmes, the flip-flopper — last week she had hair extensions, and voila, this week she doesn't. [Grazia]

• Here's a new invention: baby bangs. It's a headband with bangs attached for your child, so you don't have to wait for her hair to grow naturally. This has to be a hoax. [Jezebel]

• Prince Harry left a nightclub with the nails on his left hand painted bright pink. Partygoers say that he kept putting his hand in his pocket to hide the polish. Don't be afraid to express yourself, Harry! It's only natural. [Daily Mail]

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