Being a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Model Doesn't Sound Fun

Karolina Kurkova. Sue her already.

You know what's on TV tonight, don't you? The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! (10 p.m., CBS.) We've already seen pictures from the whole spectacle since it was taped on November 15 — a considerably long delay for this Internet age. Somehow the New York Post managed to withhold tales from backstage at the show until today. They hung out with Karolina Kurkova, who is still being criticized for her weight. To prepare for the show, Karolina works out for three hours a day and cuts out carbohydrates and wheat. Fun. Her regular diet is no picnic, either. She says it consists of green juice, hard-boiled eggs, grilled fish, vegetables, and ten nuts at a time (yes, she counts them). Still, a woman at the show tells the Post reporter, "She really porked out … It's good she dropped a little bit of weight, but really…" But really, shouldn't we embrace curves? Don't These Economic Times and the era of change create the perfect moment to usher in a new ideal model shape, like that of Daisy Lowe? When so many people are going without and cutting back, is it not more chic to look opposite? Or, at the very least, normal? Because that's how Karolina looks — normal. God forbid.

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