Behold Victoria Beckham's Armani Underwear Ads

Victoria Beckham never screamed underwear model to us like her husband did (and still does — swoon). For one, she generally covers up in photo shoots. She has also said, "There are loads of things I don't like about my body," and, "I've got so much saggy skin on my stomach." Looking at her debut Armani underwear ads we must ask, what things? And what skin? She looks fabulous. Gossips harp on her thinness, but we see nary a bone. Rather we are struck by her muscle tone, fitness, and something swan-like. Woe to those who disagree, because Posh is locked into a three-year deal, for which, according to the Daily Mail, she was paid $24.6 million. Billboards, magazines, blogs — Posh's six pack is about to be all over them until 2012. Truly she is the yin to David's yang, the gin to his tonic, the cheese to his mac. Looks like Madonna's Louis Vuitton ads have some competition.

Now Victoria Beckham strips for Armani underwear shoot... just like her old man [Daily Mail]

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