Barack Obama May or May Not Care About Terroir's New Brunch, Boqueria Soho's Menu

Boqueria’s chalkboard sign sometimes claims that Obama eats there, and it isn’t the only wine spot having fun with the president-elect. Under a photo of Obama’s press conference, Terroir’s site is running streaming captions such as “My favorite Panini is the duck ham and Taleggio!” Barack may care to know that according to Tasting Table, Terroir is now serving a brunch that adds, to its regular menu, dishes such as rapini-and-bacon frittatas and French toast with pork sausage. And Boqueria Soho tells us that meals are 10 percent off through November, after which it'll start serving breakfast, too. It will have takeout, retail item such as jars of house-made spreads, and maybe even delivery(!!). Boqueria's menu follows.

Market Menu

Coliflor, Romesco y Anchoas
Crispy Cauliflower, Almond Romesco, Anchoas del Cantabrico

Huevos y Romesco
Deviled Eggs, Romesco, Boquerones

Txipirones y Rabanos
Baby Squid, Arugula, Crispy Radish and Garbanzos

Lentejas Trufadas
Puy Lentils, Preserved Truffles, Poached Egg, Pata Negra Ham

Mollarets y Garbanzos
Baby sepia a la plancha, garbanzo beans, guindilla oil, black olive

Solets Fritos
Crispy Baby Grey Sole

Kokotxas y Patatas Rotas
Hake “Kokotxas,” Crushed Potatoes, Salsa Verde

Pintxo de Pulpo
Grilled marinated octopus, cured tomato, roasted squash

Anchoas fritas
Fried white anchovies, crispy lemons, black olive al I oli

Patatas arrugadas
Wrinkled “La Ratte” potatoes, roasted garlic and rosemary al i oli

Salteado de Setas y Pan de Papada
Wild mushroom ragout, house-cured Guanciale on toast

Garbanzos y Acelgas
Chickpeas, chard and kohlrabi

Crushed Yukon gold potatoes, Savoy cabbage, double smoked bacon, Winesap apples

Berenjenas al horno
Eggplant, House-made Lamb Sausage, Romesco, Sheep’s Milk Cheese

Cardo Gratinado
Baked Cardoons, Idiazabal Cheese, Marcona Almonds

Trucha y lentejas
Whole Idaho brook trout, Puy lentils, Serrano ham, capers

Pulpo a feira
Braised octopus, fingerling potatoes, celery, fennel, smoked Pimentón

Alubias y Butifarra
White beans, clams and House-made smoked pork sausage

Cocido de Bacalao
Stew of Autumn Squash, Salt Cod loin and Sounds, Chard, Braised Cipollini Onions, Pumpkin seeds

Caldoso Negro
Soupy Rice, Thumbnail Squid, Autumn Squash, Ink, Cauliflower, House-made Ossabaw Island Hog, “Cansalada”

Chuleta y Menestra
Double Chop of Tamarack Hollow Farms Pork, Autumn bean stew, braising greens


Desayuno Espanol
Falai Bakery Croissant, Café Cortado, El Pais

Surtido de Pasteles

Assortment of Baked Goods

Yogur del Campo
Old Chatham Sheepherding Company Yogurt, Seasonal Fruit, Turron

Tortilla Francesa
Farm Eggs, Crema de Oveja Cheese, Wild Mushrooms

Panqueques Boqueria
Buttermilk Pancakes, House Made “Butifarra” Sausage, Preserved Lemon Butter, Vermont Maple Syrup

Huevos y Brandada
Baked Eggs, Salt Cod Brandade, Blistered Peppers

Tortilla de Chorizo
Tortilla “al Minuto,” House-made Chorizo, Patatas Bravas

Huevos y Bistec
Marinated Skirt Steak, Eggs Sunny-side Up, Blistered Peppers

Revuelto Pinotxo
Soft Scrambled Eggs, Guindilla Pepper, Rock Shrimp, Garlic on a Brioche Bun

Hamburguesa Boqueria
Grass-fed Beef, Mahon Cheese, House-made Pickles, Bib Lettuce, Brioche Bun


Quesos Artesaneles
Artisanal Spanish Cheeses

Embutidos y Jamones
Spanish Cured meats and Hams

Ventresca de Atun
Preserved Tuna Belly

Anchoas del Cantabrico
Salt Cured Cantabrian Anchovies

Aceites Artesaneles
Artisanal Spanish Olive Oils

Canned Sardines

Pulpo Marinado
Marinated Canned Octopus

Torta de Aceite
Olive oil sweet cracker

Retail products made in-house for Tapas at Home

Crema de Alubias y Ajo Rostizado
White bean and roasted garlic spread

Olivada Picante
Spicy Olive Tapenade

Romesco y Garbanzo
Almond and Nora Pepper Sauce and Garbanzos

Salsa Brava
Spicy Brava Sauce for Potatoes

Ajo en Escabeche
Pickled Garlic

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