Bar Pitti Owner on Da Silvano Feud: Eh, Whatever

Silvano Marchetto

Writing about the long-running feud between the owners of Da Silvano and Bar Pitti, Joshua David Stein gets an earful from Silvano Marchetto. Silvano describes how he hired Giovanni “Bastardo” Tognozzi as a waiter in the late eighties, then canned him for taking too long to set a table, and then rehired him only because he thought he had gone from being “irrational” to “normal.” Of course, after they opened Bar Pitti together, the friends ended up having a falling out that Stein spends 2,500 words documenting. So what does Tognozzi have to say about the matter? “First, I am tired of talking about Silvano,” is all he’ll tell the Post. “Second, whatever he says about me, I don't care.” We’re going to give Tognozzi the PR victory here.

Restaurant Wars: Da Silvano vs. Bar Pitti [NYP]

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