Back Forty Starts Serving Whole Hogs, Porchetta Plates

Peter Hoffman and Shanna Pacifico prep the pig.
Photo: Courtesy of Back Forty

The venerable Bo Ssäm is getting some stiff competition (or some fatty, crackling competition, anyway) as the East Village’s most ostentatious meat dish — Back Forty tells us that if you book their farm table at least a week in advance, you and up to eleven companions can devour a whole pig that’s been stuffed with herbs, garlic, and seckel pears, and oven-roasted. The $600 fee includes a seasonal salad, two sides, and a whole pie. If this sounds like a bit much, stop by on a Monday night, when chef Shanna Pacifico will serve thick porchetta-style slices of the pig, along with black beans and sautéed greens, at the more modest price of $24.

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