Are Reverend Run's Daughters Knocking Off a Homegrown T-Shirt Company?

Johnny Cupcakes's shirt, left.

Reverend Run's daughters have a new reality show on MTV that comes on right after The City. We've never watched it, but we understand it has something to do with their lives in L.A. as they set up their clothing line, Pastry. The designer of Johnny Cupcakes, a homegrown T-shirt brand focused on "cupcakes and anything associated with it," alleges that Pastry is knocking off his designs. He's working with his trademark attorney and so far has gotten an unspecified major mall chain not to order any Pastry products, though it's unclear what legal action has been taken against Pastry itself. If MTV put this in the show, we might tune in for the family living-room lesson on trademark infringement and marvel at how normal and down-to-earth they are.

Johnny Cupcakes designs nicked by Pastry [You Thought We Wouldn't Notice via Racked]

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