Are Flash Drives the Silly VIP Cards of the Future?

Photo: Melissa Hom

Clubs will give out anything to make you feel special: keys, cards, and now — flash drives? At the opening of Megu’s new lounge, M, we were given the one you see here, complete with its own velvet baggie. What did it contain? An e-mailable form that’s preceded by a message from operator Mami Shirakawa: “I'd love for you to fill out the Member information card so we can, in turn, help make your experience at M more personalized and provide you with exactly what you desire. Once you fill out this info, all our 'M' family will recognize you as a member and accommodate your needs. I will include some more updates and fun files if you bring your USB to 'M' on your next visit, when you see me.” The sign-off: “Mami will take care of you.” Nice sentiment, and we’re flattered that Mami wants to know about our hobbies, but isn’t there something a little HAL 9000 about this? Why do we see “Mami” charging an outlandishly expensive bottle to our credit card and saying, “It’s for your own good, Dave…”

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