ANTM Rejects Book International Vogue Editorials

Dolinska, left, Gondi, right.

It's known that the winners of America's Next Top Model don't actually become America's next top model. Hell, we can't remember any of the winners doing any legit high-fashion work after their win. (Minus some minimal runway work last season.) So we were surprised when, flipping through this month's Russian Vogue, we noticed Cycle 6 reject Mollie Gondi. It's a real fashion photo shot by a real fashion photographer (Jem Mitchell). Kudos, Mollie! But she's not the only one getting work. Katarzyna Dolinska from Cycle 10 (you'll remember her as the girl who got critiqued for being "too flat" in her photos) is in April’s Australian Vogue. Of course, we have no idea what the actual winners are doing, but we guess they’re busy with their demanding "$100,000 CoverGirl contract." Yes, that must be it.

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