Angela Lindvall: Falling at the Pucci Show Was Horrible

Angela Lindvall.

Angela Lindvall plans to hit the Paris catwalks this season, but not New York's. “It’s more about the babies here, which is cool with me — I was a baby at one point," the 30-year old told us at Russell James’s book party last night. "I prefer to just go to Paris and do the Parisian scene — the godfathers of fashion." Lindvall also described a recent photo shoot where she was ordered to crawl around on the floor. “It was weird, all these people staring at me and I’m on the grass and they wanted me to crawl like an animal. I felt like I was being abused. I felt I was being demeaned.” But then her experience kicked in, and she suggested a new approach. “I gave them something much better, because it was a bad idea to begin with."

But that shoot wasn't as bad as when she fell on the runway for the first time last season — twice. "It was at the Pucci show, and I didn’t know that the top of my shoe had a really small platform, and I was strutting my stuff and then, pffft.” She was down. Lindvall was stunned, and at first decided not to do the show’s finale, but later she had second thoughts. “When you fall off a horse, you get back up. I went out for the finale — and fell again,” she said. “And I was bleeding on my knee; it was like one of those dreams where you show up to work naked. That’s what it felt like in real life; it was embarrassing.” How did the audience react? “I don’t know. I really don’t; I just wanted to get the hell out of there. It was horrible. But now I can say I fell.”

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