America Fumbles at Bocuse d'Or

Timothy Hollingsworth

Despite months of training, French Laundry sous-chef Timothy Hollingsworth placed sixth in the Bocuse d'Or, a repeat of America's performance in 2005. Diner's Journal considers the result a great disappointment to top international chefs since an "American victory would insure more American interest, investment and validation of the award." We imagine the Europeans are snickering over America's showing, considering the efforts that went into preparing Hollingsworth. Thomas Keller, who told us last fall that his goal was to "have a stronger presence in Bocuse d’Or, to be taken seriously by the world," has to be especially wounded by the loss, considering his influence over a more victorious European chef. Swede silver-medalist Jonas Lundgren picked up a few tricks when he worked at French Laundry; in his Bocuse bio, Lundgren cited Thomas Keller as an inspiration. A Norwegian took the gold and France placed third. Hollingsworth himself said all along that he just wanted to "to bring some pressure to the competition"; we wish he could have at least bested America's record. A small concession is that cheesemongers from Murray's raised America's cheese profile at the International Caseus Awards on Saturday by coming in fourth.

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