Amanda Lepore's New Fragrance Costs $950; Lily Allen Regrets Her Tattoo

Amanda Lepore.

• Amanda Lepore's new limited-edition fragrance includes notes of steamed rice, mandarins, and bergamot with a "dash of Cristal." Would you rather spend $950 on that or about twenty bottles of Jenna Jameson's new fragrance? [NYT]

• As if skin-whitening pills weren't controversial enough, the copy on the ads for Imdeen's latest reads: "My secret to beautiful skin? I swallow." We vom. [Feministing]

• Lily Allen regrets the "Shhh..." tattoo she got on her index finger recently. She didn't know that Rihanna had it first, and feels foolish for looking like a copycat. [News.Com.Au]

• Hairstylist Oscar Blandi charges $550 for a haircut at his Madison Avenue salon, but now he offers classes for half the price so people can learn how to recreate his styles on their own. In this economy, the classes are a huge hit. [NYT]

• Members Only, the brand that brought us the nostalgic jackets we adore and launched the liquid-denim leggings we despise, is branching out into beauty bags. They are patent leather and kind of tacky. [BellaSugar]

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