A Very Lucky Guy Made a Documentary About Carla Bruni and Sarko's Love Affair

Yeah, he really doesn't hide anything, does he?

Filmmaker George Scott is basically the luckiest person of 2008. He was making a documentary about Carla Bruni's transition from model to successful singer when she starting dating French president Nicolas Sarkozy and she allowed the filming to continue. "I thought there is no way on earth she is going to make this film now. I was as surprised as anyone when her manager told me she still wanted to do it and there were no conditions attached." No conditions. She's the opposite of Angelina Jolie! The film will premiere in France on New Year's Day, and in the U.K. later next month (no word yet on when it will air here, sadly). The Telegraph reports:

[Bruni] recorded interviews in French and English for the film, titled Somebody Told Me About … Carla Bruni, and let the cameras into the presidential Elysee Palace.

…The film shows the 41-year-old recording her latest album at her Paris home on a sunny July afternoon when Mr Sarkozy arrives in a smart suit.

He was filmed kissing her on the neck, prompting her to comment that he smelled of cigarettes. The French President then introduced himself to the documentary crew and watched on smiling as Miss Bruni sings.

Oh, the French. They can get away with everything. Carla also describes the attraction she felt to Sarkozy when she met him at a friend's dinner party as "instantaneous." Well, of course. He's sexy for a president, and everyone knows power is hot. Carla also speaks out against the British press who made a big stink about her nude photos. "Other models posed nude, but none of them married a president." Oh, rub it in. We still love you anyway!

Carla Bruni's private life exposed in new film [Telegraph]

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