A-Rod: Poster Boy for How Men Shouldn't Tie Their Scarves?

Last week Alex Rodriguez went to Madonna's concert in Miami, as you see at left. Sweet, right? And, perhaps, a little sticky (ew, sorry — seized that pun without thinking). The Glamorous Bee was struck by the manner in which Alex tied his scarf: the slipknot. The blogger writes, "Call me ignorant, but I didn't know men wore scarves in this manner," and notes Madonna takes to tying her scarves this way. Technically, a man can wear a scarf however he wants. Our country might be about to change, but it's still free. What's more striking to us about this photo, however, is that A-Rod paired his slipknotted scarf with a snug plaid vest and crisp (too crisp?) white shirt. So perhaps it's not the slipknot that's adding a certain, er, nuance to his vibe, but the combination of scarf and vest. Not to mention the neon tag around his neck. If he is taking cues from Madge on how to dress, is a sheer bodysuit next?

Alex Rodriguez: What Are You Wearing, Dude? [Glamorous Bee]

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