Nylon Magazine Goes Digital

In a move that could either herald the dawn of a new age for young, streetwise fashion magazines (or else the complete demise of this one in particular), young-and-ultra-cool mag Nylon sent out a bombshell e-mail announcing that they would now be receiving the magazine (in its entirety) in digital format going forward. Oh, and when will this be happening? Why, now! Your new issue is attached!

Missbehave has the complete e-mail here, though (spoiler alert!) the best parts of the message clearly relate to the bizarre, we're-not-taking-something-away-we're-really-adding-to-your-subscriber-experience handling of the whole transfer to digital. Their outlined "bonuses" include stuff like "no more lost issues" (um, wouldn't that be your fault, Nylon?) and decreasing your carbon footprint by using less paper.

Now, we get it: There are many benefits to a digital experience. We're psyched to drag photos onto our desktop and share them with our friends and all that crafty, generation-of-social-networking stuff. But perhaps a heads-up, opt-in type of announcement might have been a good idea?

Anyway. For those subscribers who are panicking right now, stop breathing into that paper bag: If you call 1-866-639-8133 between the hours of 8AM and 10 PM (central time!), Nylon assures us that a customer service rep would be more than happy to restore your paper edition. Slash, try to convince you to keep your digital edition.

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