NYC's Fanciest Franks

Cilantro? Ground duck? XO sausage? Five haute dogs around town that are worth your tasting time.

As Saturday's Coney Island Mermaid Parade wound down, we parked it at the counter at Nathan's and enjoyed a hot dog adorned with nothing more than mustard. And it was good. At no point did we pause to say, "Know what this is missing? A topping made of delicately spiced ground duck."

Which doesn't mean we're not equally happy eating exactly that -- a frankfurter topped with duck keema in lieu of chili, and served with a side of kimchee -- at the West Village's Elettaria. It's one of the wunderweiners on parade over at NY Magazine, all ranked by Adam Platt. Another we like from their pantheon: Fatty Crab's Fatty Dog, made with lip-searing XO sausage, plus enough Vietnamese-sandwich mainstays (cilantro, cucumber, etc.) to confuse your palate into thinking you're eating banh mi when you're not. Check out the full fancy frank list (and slideshow) here.

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