NYC Prep-ping for No Future

The teens on Bravo’s new reality series NYC Prep live seemingly stress-free lives. However, the mini adult personas adopt on the show will eventually expire and “real” reality will take its place.

Having their lives taped on a show was not a smart investment by the actors for the future, according to college counseling and relationship specialists.

“It definitely will hurt them for college admissions. If you’re putting yourself out there as someone who spends most of the night partying and drinking rather than making a positive impact on your school and your community, this will affect their chances of getting into a selective college. It simply can’t help these kids,” Katherine Cohen, Ph.D, and founder of IvyWise College counseling, told the Daily News.

Even Camille-the brainiac of the bunch-should realize the damage she is causing to her Harvard dream. On the show, she is searching to fill a big void on her college application: Community service. But the way she goes about finding something to do is heartlessly unauthentic, as she jumps at making connections with another girl involved in the charity Operation Smile.

Cohen explained that selective schools seek out students who have a genuine interest in good causes.

They are gambling with their social life as well, according to Dr. Jennifer Austin Leigh, PsyD, and author of Laid or Loved?.

“The peers of the teens on NYC Prep may want to rub up against them just because they are famous. But these friendships may not be based on true feelings for one another” she told the Daily News.

Their interactions with people will change. They may act a certain way to fit in or stand out, ignoring their true identities. It can become a vicious cycle; the more attention and publicity they get, the more they act a certain way.

The bottom line: these kids will not be able to escape this 10 or 15 years down the road, whereas most high school students can remain anonymous.

On the other hand, do they truly care? It seems they are content living off their parents' fortunes and remaining a New York City socialite, so one must question if they even have any real dreams they wish to pursue.

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