NYC May Start Taxi-Sharing Program

Ever shared your cab with a stranger to save a few bucks? The Taxi and Limousine Commission is considering a program that would make this the norm

File it under "how bad is this recession, exactly?": To juice cab ridership, the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission is entertaining the notion of a ride-sharing program which would let you split your journey with total strangers to save cash, WCBS reports.

The cars' meters would be set up to allow for multiple fares at one time, but beyond this, TLC reps say they need to workout the details. While we're always up for finding creative ways to afford more cab rides, we're not sure exactly how this would work.

Does the driver pick up one person and then trawl the streets for a second? Will we all be reduced to, essentially, hitch-hiking? How will we know when a cab has room -- maybe the TLC can color-code each car's availability light? And if you don't want to hop into a cab already housing someone else, can you do so without engaging in an awkward exchange steeped in rejection? (This could be especially tricky for anthropophobics.) Perhaps most importantly, if there's more than one rider, who gets to be in charge of the TV?

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