NYC Condom Design Finalists

New Yorkers can vote on their favorite design for a special limited-edition NYC Condom wrapper.

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Virgil Alderson, 39, from Manhattan thinks his design reflects strength, protection, and hygiene, while also reminding New Yorkers of the critical role sewers have played in promoting public health in the city.
Luis Acosta, 29, from Queens believes his design should win because it symbolizes the power to take control and will look great in a NYC Condom fish bowl.
Russell Greenberg, 29, thinks his design will remind men to be gentlemen. “Safe sex and good manners go hand in hand,” he says, “and nothing symbolizes chivalry quite like a top hat.” A resident of the Financial District, Greenberg says his design was inspired by old photographs of New York City streets filled with men in top hats and women in evening gowns.
Gene Lambert 24, from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn believes his design is appealing enough to get the product into New Yorkers’ hands. “Once it’s in your hand,” he says, “might as well keep it and use it, right?”
After designing 10 different condom wrappers, Yujin Lee decided to go with her gut and submit her first creation. She likes that it’s simple and made up of diverse, celebratory colors that will spark positive feelings about safer sex. “Together, we can protect each other,” says the 27-year-old East Village resident. “Together, we can protect NYC.”
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