NYC Breaks Record for World’s Largest Hot Chocolate

This – Serendipity 3’s four-gallon vat of chocolatey goodness -- is why you’re fat


In celebration of its 55th birthday, East 60th Street’s Serendipity 3 -- home of the famous frozen hot chocolate – set a world record for Largest Cup of Hot Chocolate on Monday.

The cup used clocks in at four gallons, more than 100 times the size of the restaurant’s standard serving of hot chocolate. Stephen Bruce, S3’s owner/founder/Walt Disney lookalike mixed up the giant creation himself, with a little help from kitchen staffers, using the restaurant’s traditional hot chocolate mix, only in slightly larger quantities: 12 pounds of cocoa powder blended from 14 different cocoas, 8 quarts of heavy cream, and one pound of fine shaved French chocolate.

And yes, you can order it! The “Largest Cup of Hot Chocolate” is being added to S3’s regular menu, and anytime it’s ordered, proceeds will go to benefit NYC charities (no word on what the tab will run you, but if their regular cup of HC costs $6 and this one’s 100 times bigger, we’re going to go out on a limb and guess it’d be somewhere in the vicinity of $600). Which, p.s., would not be the most expensive item on the menu – that’d be the 23K edible-gold-leaf-laden Golden Opulence Sundae, officially the world’s most expensive sundae at $1000 (you’ll need to reserve 48 hours in advance for that one).

And speaking of numbers with lots of zeroes at the end, a highly unscientific calculation led us to estimate the metabolic impact of this oversized treat at 19,000 calories – before the whipped cream.

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