A Storm of Santas Descend Upon New York

Christmas came early in New York, when hundreds of people dressed as Jolly Ol' Saint Nick for Santacon 2010.

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A festive Santacon attendee hula hoops while the nearby Santa's look on. There were eleven start points where celebrating Santa's gathered, from Hoboken to the Upper West Side.
Some seasonal songsters gathered to add some holiday cheer. There are traditionally carol sheets that are passed out to the men and women in red so they can spread some Christmas cheer.
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"Wait, this isn't the Maui Santacon?"
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These Santas were more into the Golden Arches than the traditional, and apparently boring, milk and cookies.
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Wishing holiday cheer to every passerby on the street can be exhausting. These Santas wisely decided to sit and refuel at a bar.
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The best present of all is friendship. The second best present is a city full of Santas.
A Will Ferrell-esque elf chats with Santa on the E train while a kid listens in, hoping for a Nintendo Wii.
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Bad Santa (complete with Segway) came out with Mrs. Klaus.
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