The Plain White T’s: Next Album Will Not Be All “Boy-Girl, Lovey-Dovey”

Brooke Niemeyer

Rockers The Plain White T’s, best known for their Grammy-nominated love ballad "Hey There Delilah," revealed to Niteside last night that their new album may stun fans.

“You’ll be surprised by this album,” lead-singer Tom Higgenson said Wednesday night during a VH1 Save the Music benefit at Bowlmor Lanes in Gramercy. “It’s a little different for us, but still very honest and sincere and catchy. We wanted to explore some different themes.

"Not all the songs are boy-girl lovey-dovey. We went a little bit deeper.”

The band performed acoustic versions of "Boomerang" and "Rhythm of Love" -- two songs from their new album -- Wednesday night at the Manhattan bowling bash. Singer Higgenson said the latest album, "The Wonders of the Younger," is a bit more reflective than records past.

“The more life you live, the older you get, the more you kind of lose that innocence and that wonder that you have when you’re young,” said Higgenson. “Not that you want a bunch of 40-year olds running around acting like kids, but to hang on to a little bit of that wonder I think is important. Hopefully, this record will help people reconnect with that a little bit.”

And although The Plain White T’s have topped the charts with “Hey There Delilah,” which they also performed last night, the group is attempting to reach the top several more times in their careers. 

The Beatles had 27 No. 1 songs, so we want to have 28,” said Higgenson. “So yeah, we have pressure to live up to those songs. Our song ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ didn’t quite crack number one, so we’re still 26 away.”

Guitarist Tim Lopez, who wrote their current single “Rhythm of Love” about an ex-girlfriend, said achieving this goal all depends on the fans:  “It’s not us who decides how big [the songs] get,” said Lopez. “We write them, we pen them, and then it’s out of our hands.”

Added Higgenson: “We just try to make the best music that we can that we feel passionate about and whatever else happens, happens."

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