Author Behind New Robert Pattinson Flick Says She Was Stunned by Set

The animal-loving author behind the film "Water for Elephants" starring Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson said being on set of the silver-screen adaptation of her book was surreal.

"When we came down off the hill and looked onto the set, it took my breath away," New York Times bestselling author Sara Gruen said during a reading at Barnes & Noble last night.  "Five years ago it was in my head, and now it is real."

Gruen, reading from her latest tome "Ape House," said she and some family members have cameo roles in the film, which is due out next Spring. The idea for the second tome came while she was preparing to go on tour for her first book.

She was fascinated by communicating with chimps “in our language or in theirs” and eventually joined forces with the Great Ape Trust to interact with bonobo apes in Iowa, she said.

“I brought (the apes) fleece blankets, Mr. Potato Head, Slinkie’s, Rubik’s Cubes and anything I thought they would like,” Gruen said. “But I think the key is M&M’s. They love M&M’s.”

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