Resident DJ Cassidy: No City Parties Like NYC

DJ Cassidy has spun tunes for parties all over the world, but he has a special place in his heart for his hometown.

The vinyl-scratching New Yorker practically recited a love note to the city on his way to rock the Cipriani Wall St. at the Angel Ball Thursday night.

"New York's the greatest city in the world. There's no city that parties like New York City. When they say 'they're ain't no party like a New York party because a New York party don't stop," they wrote those words for a reason" gushed DJ Cassidy to Niteside, putting a spin on the classic 1988 Young Gunz lyrics.

Rocking a black velvet suit and a bow-tie, the music man said he loved how every genre can be found in the city.

"New York to me is the capital of music. It doesn't matter what you want to go out and dance to."

The deejay spun tunes for Denise Rich, Kim Kardashian, Ne-Yo, U2's The Edge and other party-goers at the Gabrielle's Angels Foundation fundraiser. Some of his other A-list gigs include Oprah's New Years Eve party and the President's 2009 Inaugural Ball.

At the glamourous, star-studded benefit for cancer research, Cassidy said he was going to pull tunes from a wide variety of genres -- only appropriate for a city as diverse as this one.

"If it's hip hop or house music or soul music or reggae music, you do it in New York."

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