Pioneering Street Artist Dan Witz Says Turn in Spotlight Feels “Odd”

Alberto Vargas for Clic Gallery

Brooklyn-based street artist Dan Witz became famous for creating art in very public places -- but personally he'd rather fly under the radar.

Speaking at a signing for his latest book "In Plain View: 30 Years of Artworks Illegal and Otherwise" at Clic Gallery in Soho last night, the graffiti guru credited with being one of the forefathers of the street art movement waxed nostalgic about the anonymity he used to enjoy.

"It's kind of odd for me to have a publicist and be in the public eye," he confessed. "I can't say I really enjoy it."

Witz, who appears in the film "Exit Through the Gift Shop" about British street artist Banksy, waxed nostalgic about the days before he was recognized for his work.

"I always did it anonymous," he said. "I'd never sign it and it would never be a known tag of mine. ... I still do it that way, but now people know that I do it."

WItz said he prefers not to socialize with other street artists, many of whom are new to the scene he's been a part of for more than three decades.

"I've been doing it by myself for so long," he said. "I started doing street art in the '70s."

He added, "This has been my whole life."

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