P. Diddy Teaches Russell Brand How To Party Like a Real Rock Star

In the flick "Get Him To The Greek," Russell Brand might be the one playing a rock star but during the filming it seems P. Diddy was the cast member living like one, according to the cast and crew.

At a special screening hosted by MySpace at Landmark Cinemas the film's director Nick Stoller revealed that he eventually started feeling bad for the rap mogul's crew.

"He makes his entourage stay up all night with him. I asked his hair stylist Curtis, 'When's the last time you slept?' He was like 'Oh, man.'" He didn't even have an answer!'"

Brand added his sympathies for one of Mr. Combs's assistants: "I think they should call that show 'Be Puffy's Assistant: Give Up The Concept Of Sleep.' This poor kid was always so tired. I just wanted to steal him for myself and allow him to nap."

Diddy also had some valuable night-life lessons to impart to director Stoller during a cast outing.

"I tried to leave the cast dinner early and Sean asked 'Why are you leaving?' I told him I had to get back because the nanny watching my 2-and-a-half-year old had to go home.That's when he told me, 'Push your nanny to the limit.' I think that is the greatest thing that anybody has ever said," Nick said, laughing.

There seemed to be no shortage of stories involving Combs during the Q&A hosted by E!'s Ben Lyons with Stoller, Brand and Jonah Hill. Russell made the mistake of trying to decompress while on a trip to Vegas with his "Bad Boy" co-star.

"P. Diddy actually kidnapped me to go to Vegas for what was supposed to be a holiday. It was actually really frightening," shared the English stand-up comedian. "It's fun to party in like a club or restaurant but an elevator? He would start pumping his fist in the hotel elevator while there are other people in there. This poor old lady was forced to be in a party elevator."

While the conversation was more about his partying ways Stoller assured while the famous entrepreneur plays hard, he also works just as hard.

"He came the first day with all his lines memorized. We actually decided to expand his role because he did so well with the improv."

Brand added that business didn't stop for Diddy when Nick said cut. "In-between takes he was selling stuff with that thing in his ear. More vodka. More clothing."

"Get Him To The Greek", a Universal Pictures release, opens in theaters June 4th.

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