NYC “Housewife” Alex McCord Has a Real Job

At the party to close out the International Center of Photography's Year of Fashion, "Real Housewife" Alex McCord said she was attending the star-studded gala for business purposes -- the pursuit of a Pentax kiosk in New York's oldest photographic establishment, Willoughby's.

"I still work," proclaimed McCord, who was hit with a taste of the bad economy early last year and laid off from her cush visual marketing job at Victoria Secret. Husband Simon van Kempen was by her side as Spashlight Studios snapped glamour shots of guests.

The third installment of the International Center of Photography's Triennial, "Dress Codes" last week exemplified the importance of stylish aesthetics through video and, you guessed it, photography. The party was hosted by Lancôme's Kerry Diamond, co-founder of Splashlight Studio Benoît Lagarde and the fabulous who's who fashion industry agent, Jed Root.

The mini red velvet cupcakes were tasty, but this was no dance party at the MoMA. Amongst the upper class squares (who only loosened up as the bar was near dry and video DJ Eclectic Method was finishing his set) were they real stars of the event -- a few drag queens who brought to life the visual displays of artist/nightlife connoisseur and photographer, Jeremy Kost. His engaging instant camera depictions of the after dark scene, from Amanda Lepore to Miss Piggy, was enough to make someone long for a less refined event.

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