Molly Ringwald Pens Self-Help Tome, Calls Herself “Bookish”

Eighties icon Molly Ringwald, known for her teen breakout roles as a member of the Brat Pack, turned 42 this year and decided to pen a self-help book for those grappling with aging.

“I was turning 40 years old a couple years ago, and I thought, 'It's not possible, everyone else can turn 40 but I can't,'” the red-headed starlet said last night at the Tribeca Barnes & Noble, where she was promoting her now tome.

“I've always been a bookish person and … I wanted to read something that was going to make me feel good about going into my 40s but I couldn't really find it. ... So I decided, 'Why not write it?'”

The "Pretty in Pink" starlet said the book, titled "Getting the Pretty Back: Friendships, Family and Finding the Perfect Lipstick" contains anecdotes from her past as well as fashion and dating advice for folks of all ages

After she read some excerpts last night, Ringwald took questions from the audience. Not surprisingly, most of those questions had to do with her career in the 80s.

Her favorite movie that she's starred in? “I have an incredible fondness for all three of the movies I did with John Hughes,” she said. “For me, they kind of blend together a little bit.”

Another favorite of hers is 1982's “Tempest” where she shared the screen with John Cassavetes and Raul Julia.

But even with the remake of the 1980s classic “Red Dawn” right around the corner, Ringwald said there weren't any plans for a Breakfast Club reunion or remake.

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