Milano on Being Pregnant: “I Love My Belly”

Soon-to-be-mom Alyssa Milano told Niteside she’s ecstatic to be pregnant, and is enjoying every moment.

“I’m very excited! And I love my belly,” she said.

The actress carried said belly well at Relativity Media’s world premiere of Limitless at Regal Union Square 14 this week, whilst wearing stilettos and balancing an active career no less.

The actress added, “I feel great. I have no complaints.”

Milano is currently filming the celeb-packed rom-com "New Year’s Eve," but explained that her girth is no match for her character’s forgiving wardrobe.

“I’m wearing scrubs in the movie, so it’s easy to hide. I could hide a small person in a pair of scrubs! It’s been fine.”

Recently, however, a role required her to cover it up. “I worked last week on 'Breaking In,' which is Christian Slater’s new show. We had to hide it because I was in tighter clothes.”

So, have Milano and her hubby nailed down a baby name?

“I don’t have a name yet. Here’s my deal: we so often have women and couples that say, ‘I have a name picked out.’ And then you see the kid and it doesn’t match the kid. And they had to go back to square one.”

 “We have it narrowed down," she added. "We have a few names picked out.”

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