Kirsten Dunst & Ryan Gosling Were “Perfect” for Roles, Says Director

"All Good Things" director Andrew Jarecki said co-stars Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst were the perfect fit for the murder mystery.

 “This couple was perfect casting for us. It’s exactly who we wanted from the beginning,” the filmmaker told Niteside at the "All Good Things" premiere at SVA Theater in Chelsea last week. “How could you not choose Ryan Gosling?”

The film called for a specific kind of chemistry, Jarecki said. “They’re a couple that has to be convincingly really in love with each other. ... [but] they have to go to a darker place. Both of them have that capability.”

Jarecki said working with the pair was a breeze. “Both Ryan and Kirsten are extremely hard working. They have very good work ethic.”

The filmmaker said Dunst would follow a routine to help her master scenes.

“Between takes, Kirsten often will go and sit somewhere and listen to her iPod,” he said. “It’s a very valuable tool because the set can be a very noisy, messy, distracting place. I always appreciated when she had her headphones on.”

Jarecki was joined at the red carpet last Wednesday by cast members Dunst, Frank Langella and Diane Venora, as well as other famous names like Parker Posey, Hamish Bowles and Pepper Binkley, among others.

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