“Inconvenient Truth” Director Hopes to School America

Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, director of Oscar-winning documentary "An Inconvenient Truth," said last night he hopes his latest work on the state of public education in America will have a lasting impact.

 "I would be heartbroken if [the film] was just a flash in the pan," Guggenheim told Niteside during the premiere of "Waiting for 'Superman'" at Lincoln Center Wednesday night.

 "I really hope this is a moment in America where we say, 'It's time to fix our schools.'"

Media Maven Arianna Huffington, starlet Tea Leoni, Matthew Modine, John Legend and others gathered last night to fete the much-buzzed about film, which chronicles the lives of young students as they struggle to make it through the country's flawed education system.

Huffington said education reform is a bipartisan problem.

"This is the tipping point," she told Niteside from the red carpet. "There is nobody, absolutely nobody, whether they're on the left or the right, who's going to defend our current education system."

Guggenheim, whose wife, actress Elizabeth Shue, was in tow, said he thinks New York had made satisfactory strides in reforming the system.

"New York is a real leader in [education reform]," he said. "New York should be proud of the tough reforms they've [implemented] here in the city."

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