Girls and Guns: A Night Out With Urban Girl Squad

050510 urban girl squad p1

Urban Girl Squad members got fired up on girl power last night.

The group of women, who participate in activities from poker playing to pole dancing, had their latest adventure at the Westside Pistol and Rifle Range in Chelsea last night where they let the lead fly (after a mandatory safety class, of course).

“Girl Squad events are opportunities for women to explore things they wouldn't normally do otherwise,” said Amanda Hofman, who ocreated the group two years ago.

“A lot of the women said [shooting a firearm] was on their bucket list,” Hofman said. “This is something they've wanted to do for a long time.”

Member Aruna Sooknarine was one of those women. She turned out to be one the best marksmen there, scoring multiple bullseyes her first time shooting a .22 caliber rifle.

“The gun was heavier than I thought,” said participant Megan Li. “It's not like what they show you in the movies where one guy is shooting two guns at once. I'm very glad I tried it.”

And, no matter their stance on the Second Amendment, the girls said they enjoyed their experience.

Added Lauren Stephens-Davidowitz, “I couldn't imagine myself doing this had Amanda not set up the event … I had bad aim, but I had fun.”

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