“American Idiot” Co-Stars Take to the Stage as Hip Hop Duo Fran Sancisco

"American Idiot" co-stars Brian Charles Johnson and Chase Peacock, accustomed to sharing a Broadway stage, made a different kind of debut in New York over the weekend.

The actors, who met in San Francisco as they were working on the Green Day-inspired rock musical, took to the stage as hip hop group Fran Sancisco Saturday at the D-Lounge in Manhattan.

"We liked this hip-hop and R&B vibe, and I had a real hankering for an outlet," Peacock told Niteside.

The project that began as a handful of songs and collection of inside jokes between "American Idiot" cast members.

"We got this amazing response that we weren’t prepared for,” Johnson said.

The duo also received a blessing from "American Idiot" director Michael Mayer, who told the pair, 'Hey, you guys do not stop making this music," according to Peacock.

"So that was huge for us," he added.

Johnson and Peacock, who are now working on their first album, said playing music on stage is far different from performing on the Great White Way.

“On stage [for 'American Idiot'] we have choreography and places to be," said Peacock, "and when we’re doing our own thing it’s just two guys on stage with microphones."

Johnson said he finds up-and-coming artists like Kid Cudi inspiring, and Peacock said he considers Chris Brown to be one of his roles model.

“I got obsessed with Chris Brown and would watch all of his videos and would dance in my mirror to the music videos,” said Peacock.

And, of course, both cite Green Day as having been influential in their careers.

“Knowing Green Day for so long and watching them as a kid and seeing them on TV and now I’m hanging out at their house and they’re asking me if I want anything to eat,” said Peacock. “It’s just an amazing thing.”

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