DJ Duo Harley+Cassie Dish on their Fashion Week Style

Corynne Steindler

Harley Viera-Newton and Cassie Coane, the delightful DJ duo known as Harley+Cassie, don't need to go glam to make a splash at New York Fashion Week.

"There's definitely a selection of vintage dresses that I just sort of know I can put at any point," Viera-Newton told Niteside, adding that she loves a low, comfortable boot. "I gave up on the heel thing a long time ago."

Coane swears by "baseball jackets" and "jean shirts with jeans and a jean jacket."

The pair were on hand to spin at the IMPROVD party on The Standard Hotel's third floor Tuesday night. Designer Valentino Vettori hosted the event as a sort of coming out part for IMPROVD, which is branding itself as a new genre of "affordable couture."

Next on the radar for Newton and Coane? Don Hills, the latest downtown destination which was recently taken over by nightlife impresarios Nur Kahn and Paul Sevigny.

"I've always loved Don Hills," Viera-Newton said. "I think it's a great venue, the line up has been insane."

"We would love to spin there," she added. 


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