Designer Zac Posen Reveals His Prediction for Fashion's Next Big Trend

Designer Zac Posen revealed last night what he believes will be the next major fashion trend: homemade, vegetable-based dyes.

“I think people using their own dyes will become a trend,” Posen told Niteside at the Wrap to Rap holiday gift-wrapping event at The Ainsworth in Manhattan Tuesday night. “I think people will find their own color and take cues from home décor, which is always interesting.”

He added, “[Vegetable dyes] and other certain dyes are such a strong influence on eco and these techniques are very useful and exciting.”

Posen said he is currently working on his fall collection, finalizing patterns and fabrics. He said all the details aren’t in place yet, but that he sees a definite theme among his pieces.

“I think there’s a strong architectural and anatomical quality to them,” Posen said. “We make clothing that always relates to the body and glamour and quality.”

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