Author DC Pierson Recounts Tales of “Geeky” Childhood

Author DC Pierson said last night that he drew on his own experieces as a "geeky" kid growing up in Arizona for inspiration when penning his comedic, coming-of-age novel "The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep and Never Had To."

The scribe, who's also made a name for himself as a screenwriter and actor, told at audience at Brooklyn's Powerhouse Arena Wednesday night that the tome brought to light, among other awkward adolescent moments, his real-life attempts at wooing a girl.

“When I was in sixth grade, my romantic love systems came online,” Pierson said. “It shot a ray of infatuation from my chest out and whoever it hit was going to feel my first attempts of … trying to like somebody.”

Using what limited relationship skills he had at the time, Pierson peppered the object of his affection with phone calls and voice mails, sent her a “love” letter and spewed pick-up lines that fell flat.

“What I was trying to say to her is, 'I've never felt this way about any female that isn't the X-Files' Gillian Anderson,'” he said.

Pierson even offered suggestions for acts following his at Powerhouse. “Brazilian Jet Fencing,” “Brazilian DIY Knife Fighting,” “Brazilian Blood Tasting” and “Brazilian Civil War Reenacting with Child Armies: Real Ammo Edition,” were some of his suggestions.

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