“It” Girl Cory Kennedy Falls For Lady Gaga

Last night at the LnA after party at Milk Studios, the celebs were out to play. "It" girl Cory Kennedy was hanging on the outskirts of the madness, in a quieter corner behind a sound reflecting glass pane wall with friends Agyness Deyn and Mark Hunter (a.k.a The CobraSnake).

Kennedy, who came to New York a few weeks early for Fashion Week because she misses it, was complaining about her swollen and sprained ankle.

"It's been kinda weird with the heel situation, and I really don't know if I'm going put them on again for a while," she said shortly after calling the unnoticeable swelling "gross."

"I was at a Gaga show and was going kind of crazy, dancing the whole time. Then I go outside to catch a cab, and I fall down two stairs -- and I was wearing Converse,"

Kennedy, who had a Furby attached to her denim jacket, is no stranger to night on the town fumbles.

"When I was younger, I was dancing and, like, I [had] told everyone this fat guy tripped me -- but I totally fell, and I couldn't get up."

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