“Howard Stern” Co-Host Robin Finds Key to Marathon Off-Course

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"Howard Stern" co-host Robin Quivers found the key to crossing the finish line off the beaten path on Sunday during the ING marathon.

"We had a hunt for a bagel,” the shock jock's sidekick told Niteside at her tailgating party at D Bar, “and we couldn't find one. In New York you can't find a bagel when you need one. We were on and off the course a number of times."

Quivers, who crossed the finish line in about six hours and eight minutes, was met with a round of applause when she appeared at food guru Donatella Arapia's new bar, where friends and colleagues from Fifteen -- the charity for which she ran that teaches disadvantaged youth about food and cooking -- greeted her.

The radio personality, sporting a medal around her neck, said coach Joshua Gold "kept talking me through" the exhausting 26.2-mile race as he ran along side her and helped her end her bagel quest successfully.

“We had my bagel, we stuffed it in a pocket in my jacket, we'd break off a little bit of bagel and that would give me some more energy and I would keep going again,” Quivers said.

The training routine involved practice three days a week, said Gold, who was thrilled with her performance.

“As with any race there are highs and lows. We found out some important things,” the coach said. “She needed real food. Nutritious or psychological. ... Next time, I'll carry a bagel.”

“Iron Chef” judge Arapia says she's a “big fan” of Quivers and designed her own cocktails just for the occasion, such as “Robin's Revival”: cheribundi juice, orange juice and simple syrup.

There will certainly be a next time for Quivers, who plans on running in the San Francisco marathon. Although she joked she spent “an emotional day” with her coach, she said it felt good to make it through in one piece.

“Everybody was giving me these predictions and forecast for what it's like to cross the finish line,” she said. “People saying it's an overwhelming experience, and people cry, people have all kinds of emotional reactions, but I was just glad to finish.”

Other celeb runners included Ed Norton, “Survivor” contestant Ethan Zahn, Al Roker, and Veronica Webb.

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