“What Not to Wear's” Clinton Kelly Reveals Secret to New Book: Tourists!

Fashion guru and "What Not to Wear" co-host Clinton Kelly told the crowd at 92nd Street Y last night that many of the style mistakes mentioned in his latest book came from an afternoon he spent sitting by the window at a Times Square Starbucks.

“I just watched all the tourists go by,” Kelly said during the final stop on the tour for his new book, Oh No She Didn’t: The Top 100 Style Mistakes Women Make and How to Avoid Them. “I kept writing down fashion mistake after fashion mistake after fashion mistake. In the time it took me to drink one tall latte, I had 85 of the 100 mistakes.”

Kelly also addressed his relationship with "WNTW" co-host Stacy London.

“Stacy and I get along really well,” Kelly said. “We are great friends at work and we make each other laugh every single day. I guess we're lucky like that.”

Kelly divulged his fashion dos and don’ts, drawing on stories from the show as well as his latest tome.

“Sweat pants are the devil,” Kelly said. “They will only make your life worse. Only wear sweat pants when you are sweating.”

He also advised all women to only use fashion magazines as a tool to learn about the latest trends, not to define your personal style. 

“Style is how you take fashion and make it your own.” 

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