Financial Expert: 2011 is the Year for Change

Financial guru and author Ryan Mack says that even though this country is currently facing a bad economy, this is the year for everyone to take responsibility for their finances and make changes.

“As far as I’m concerned, 2010 was the year that everybody was waiting on their ship to come in,” Mack said during a discussion at the Borders in Columbus Circle last night. “But 2011 is the year we have got to swim out to it.”

Mack released his new financial self-help book this month, “Living in the Village: Build Your Financial Future and Strengthen Your Community.” He says it provides a road map on ways to have financial well being, but also strongly promotes activism.

“We provide the principles in the book,” Mack said. “But a principle is only as good as the person who receives it and is able to implement it.”

He adds, “I wrote this because I wanted to make sure that we all understand that we have a responsibility. I don’t want to point the finger anymore. I’m tired of looking at other people and seeing what they’re not doing. It’s time to ask, ‘what am I doing?’”

Greed is one of the problems Mack sites for the downward spiral of the economy, but says that if people work together to embrace change, there will be positive results.

“If you mix greed with capitalism, then you’ve got some problems,” Mack said. “But if you use love in a capitalistic system, you create jobs and a stronger economy.”

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