Author Rachel Machacek Hopes to Turn New Book Into a Movie

Author Rachel Machacek released her tome, “The Science of Single: One Woman’s Grand Experiment in Modern Dating, Creating Chemistry, and Finding Love,” this week and revealed last night that she is open to turning it into a movie.

“I have a friend in Los Angeles who is bugging me to turn this into a screen play,” Machacek said last night at the Borders in Murray Hill. “I don’t have any immediate plans, but I’d like to.”

The book chronicles her dating experiences over a year and says she went on approximately 150 dates with around 60 different men during that time.

Machacek, 37, said her original idea for the book was to tell stories from dates where she implemented tips from romance self-help books, but her plans changed.

“I decided that was too boring,” Machacek said. “Instead I decided to write about the science of the dating process” – and this is where she got the title of her book.

Machacek lives in Washington D.C., a place she considers a “serious city,” and says this doesn’t make dating for an introvert easy. Because of this, she turned to technology, including online dating. She now says it's one of her preferred dating methods.

“It’s the easiest way,” Machacek said. “You just go online, click on people, put them in your shopping cart, you wink at them, or you hotlist them, or you flag them. It’s just easy.”

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