Arianna Huffington: Obama Has Made “Major Errors”

Arianna Huffington ripped the Obama administration for its economic policies last night, saying the president's promise of hope for Americans has fizzled because of failed policies and lousy appointments.

Speaking at the 92nd Street Y Tuesday evening, the media maven called on the commander in chief to dump a top White House adviser,  railed against what she called the botched financial bailout and took aim at the president's economic policy.

"He has made major errors," Huffington told a packed crowd at the Manhattan venue, "but the other option would have been far worse. ... Does anyone think I would have preferred McCain?"

Huffington said taxpayers should not have had to shoulder the burden of the bailout while Wall Street was able to get away with risky behavior. The author, who was promoting her new tome "Third World America," said the president should begin improving the economy by getting rid of "Wall Street-centric" White House adviser Larry Summers.

"Don't worry about him," she quipped about Summers, who is Obama's chief economic adviser. "He'll get a good job on Wall Street."

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