DJs Jess and Jeremy Say the Real New Year's Eve Party is Downtown

Three-time winner of “Best DJ of New York” DJ Jess and Jeremy B*st*rd of acclaimed “Disco Down” parties gave New Yorkers some New Year's Eve advice while spinning at the Lit Lounge Thursday night.

“If you're uptown on New Year's Eve, you're pretty much a loser,” said DJ Jeremy in the table booth. “Anything above 14th street basically doesn't exist on New Year's Eve.”

While Jess said he'd have to “meet everybody individually” before coming to conclusions about those partying north of the L train, he said there's “not a real debate” about which part of town is better for 2011 festivities.

DJs Jess and Jeremy will be behind the turntables together at Webster Hall's New Year's Eve party, XXX-travaganza, co-hosted with Glamdammit's Twig the Wonderkid and features a 3 AM show by the Bloody Beetroots and burlesque acts from Joanna Angel (proceeds help adult film star Jessie Lee pay medical bills from a serious car accident).

Jess said you can go to Pacha on New Years Eve, “but you'll have to hang out with most of New Jersey. Or you can come to Webster Hall and see the Bloody Beetroots who are the newest electro act there is right now... why would you want to party with the cast of Jersey shore?

“It's the difference of going to a party where someone might slip a roofie in your drink, or coming to my party where I would roofie myself then cross my fingers,” the New York party animal said.

So maybe they're a little biased, but they have some nightlife cred. DJ Jess was voted “Best DJ of New York” twice by L Magazine and once by for his entrancing gigs at Webster Hall's Trash! and NC-17 at Lit Lounge Thursday night. DJ Jeremy regularly spins indie, disco and new wave for “Disco Down” at Happy Ending in Chinatown on Tuesdays that was voted “Best New Party” by L Magazine in 2008.

New Year's Eve is a crazy night in New York, but if you're stumped on what to do this DJ duo has a little something for everyone.

“You have to play sort of a balance game,” DJ Jess said about spinning on New Year's compared to any other night. “On one hand you want to play the hits everyone knows -- it's a rare opportunity to have everyone on the same page. But on the other hand it's New Year's Eve. There are only a couple of nights of the year that have the energy New Year's Eve has. Maybe Halloween would be another one, where you want to throw in surprises. You want to catch people off guard.”

According to DJ Jess, those surprises are top secret until the big night.

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