Now Open: Vampire Freaks Sinks Its Fangs into the East Village

Congratulations, ghouls and wraiths of the East Village! Your one-stop goth gear emporium has finally landed at 189 Avenue A. Vampire Freaks, the flesh-and-blood manifestation of social networking site, opened Saturday, October 25, just in time for Halloween. Above, watch a suspiciously tan and hearty (though still emo-haired) interviewer talks to various spawn of Satan about the store.

This is the first Vampire Freaks shop to open, but owner Jet, who founded the website in 1999 and spun off a clothing line two years later, tells us that he's had requests to open offshoots in Philly and L.A. On the weekends they have DJs, but if you go, don't mention Hot Topic, a topic that makes the Freaks even gloomier than usual.
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